Computer had been formated and we lost all information!
Once we get everything fix up again, then we will open it up once more.

Stuff about this server are listed at the bottom.
-> Guild creation work with GuildDirector [439,361 TwinCity]
-> All NPCs located in TwinCity are line up so you don't have to travel up and down back and forth all day
-> ArtisanOu [Weapon Socket] is located in TwinCity instead of BirdIsland [438,377 TwinCity]
-> TwinCity are no PlayerKill zone
-> Reborn are avaliable with TaoistMoon [435,374 TwinCity]
-> Exchange a CleanWater for a CelestialStone with TaoistMoon [411,374 TwinCity]
-> Can exchange 200,000 Silvers for 20 CPs with TaoistMoon [422,461 TwinCity]
-> ClearInventory with CaptainFeng [422,375 TwinCity]
-> Travel to NewLevelingZone for 5 DragonBalls with ArtisanWind [422,383 TwinCity]
-> Enter lab for 1 DragonBall with ArtisanWind [394,234 TwinCity] [Original Conquer Location]
-> Unlimited mana for Taoist class
-> Unlimited arrow for Archer class
-> Enter PKArena for free with ArtisanWind [459,292 TwinCity] [Original Conquer Location]
-> Enter Market with Conductress [436,444 TwinCity]
-> Can Compose items in Market with WuxingOven [208,196 Market]
-> Enjoy Lottary with LadyLuck [207,202 Market]
-> Useless ShopFlag located in TwinCity [205,205 Market]
-> Upgrade items quality/level with MagicArtisan [198,204 Market]
-> Socket items with ToughDrills with BlacksmithLee [212,196 Market]
-> Trade 6 MeteorScrolls for 1 DragonBall with MillionaireLee [240,245 Market] [Original Conquer Location]